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Calendula Petals Bulk Herb flower

Calendula Petals Bulk Herb flower

The gorgeous orange and yellow petals of the calendula flower contain medicinal properties that have been utilized since at least the 12th century. The calendula plant originates from the Mediterranean, where it was first ingested in order to cure fevers, muscle, stomach and menstrual cramps. In current times, this herbal remedy is mostly used as a skin healer through topical application in the form of creams, lotions cleansers and oils, allowing the skin to speed up its regeneration process in a completely natural way.

Research from the University of Maryland has shown that calendula can increase blood flow and oxygen to the area around a wound, helping the body grow new tissue and thus speed up the healing process. Often used to treat burns, bruises, scrapes and cuts, the petals of the flower contain flavonoids, which prevent infections, promote tissue growth, and protect the body's cells from being attacked by unstable molecules. Calendula products have also been proven to prevent skin inflammation and dermatitis, especially in breast cancer patients that used calendula cream while undergoing radiation therapy. Many professional homeopaths recommend calendula baths or calendula creams for healing sunburns, as its tissue regeneration properties are ideal for reducing inflammation and stimulating cell growth.
Also used for stomach disorders,
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