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Gracie Gray Jack

If Found Please call

Kim Jack (my Mom): 608-212-9372

Lisa Jack ( My Aunt): 608-333-2427


If you have found me, I am lost. I am sure my mom is very worried about me and has been searching for me everywhere. If you could please call her she will come and get me right away. My Mom's phone number is 608-212-9372, If you can not get ahold of her please call my Aunt Lisa 608-333-2427. They will come get me right away. 

I am a very good girl, but I do like to run and sometimes my mom can not keep up with me and I lose her. I have had all of my shots, my rabies shot is current. I have never bitten anyone. I love people, children and all other dogs and cats...I like treats and have no allergies.

I weigh 36 pounds. I was born in Dec. 2020 so I am young.

I do not always listen very well. I get very excited, I love to play ball, but I do not always bring it back.  

If I have been injured please take me to the closest Emergency vet. My mom will meet you there. 

Thank you so much for finding me and calling my Mom.

My Vet is Dr. Vitale in Sun prairie. I am a healthy pup.

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I live in Sun Prairie, Wi

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