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Our Mission

The Mission of Jack’s Soaporium:

To satisfy consumers with an all-natural, affordable organic, skin healthy alternative to store bought, mass produced, artificially enhanced, colored, thinned, bleached, irradiated soaps and to educate the consumer about choosing quality soaps and the importance of knowing what they are putting on there skin, “the largest organ of the body”.

Jack’s Soaporium continues to provide the finest quality soaps, body soufflé, Lip Balms, herbal oils, face serums and organically grown herbs. Through continued research we have developed skin safe products. We use all-natural, organically grown and harvested herbs and produce our own oils on premises which are used in all of our handcrafted soaps and body soufflé in hopes of promoting skin health and healing for all skin types and conditions.
At Jack's soaporium we are firmly committed to responsible sustainable sourcing of all essentials and oils used in all of our products for more info on our products, Fair Trade and Responsible sutainable sourcing join us on Facebook.
Lisa Jack
Organic Alchemist-practicing spagyrics alchemist
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